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What's New?

Would you like a quick and easy way to find out what's new on the Abertridwr website? Here's a listing of the various changes and additions to our website.

For clarity of information, I'll only be making note of significant or interesting changes. Things that get updated very frequently, or minor 'tweaks' aren't listed.

2 February 2014:   Uploaded The Rhol - February 2014

1 January 2014:   Uploaded Althing Minutes 2014
Uploaded The Rhol - January 2014
Uploaded Council Minutes - December 2013

5 December 2013:   Uploaded The Rhol - December 2013

3 December 2013:   Florence Watkyn filled position of Reeve.
Galen Wulfric filled position of Knight Marshal.

27 November 2013: Uploaded Council Minutes - November 2013

19 November 2013:   Garret Watkyn filled position of webminister. First order of business - sanity check and minor house keeping. Webminister email links updated across site.

5 November 2013:   Uploaded The Rhol - November 2013

27 October 2013: Uploaded Council Minutes - October 2013

3 October 2013:   Uploaded The Rhol - October 2013

7 September 2013:   On the 7th September 2013 their Highnesses King Niall and Queen Liaden proclaimed a change of status for Abertridwr - Abertridwr is now a Shire. Therefore I have changes all instances of "canton" on the website to "shire".

6 September 2013:   Updated the Pencampwr overview page, and moved the Pencampwr 2013 website HERE.

3 September 2013:   Uploaded The Rhol - September 2013

10 August 2013: Added the Champions of Abertridwr page to the "Who We Are" section of this website.

8 August 2013: Uploaded The Rhol - August 2013

6 August 2013: Updated the Populace & Precedence page to include all current financial members of Abertridwr, as of the 6th August 2013

23 July 2013: Uploaded Council Minutes - July 2013 and Reeve's Report - July 2013

8 July 2013: Uploaded The Rhol - July 2013

6 July 2013: Updated the Populace & Precedence page to include:
  • all current financial members of Abertridwr, as of the 29th June 2013.
  • awards given at Great Northern War. Congratulations to: Sir Andre de Montsegur : Order of the Rowan

6 Jun 2013:

31 May 2013: Uploaded The Rhol - June 2013 and Calendar - June 2013

30 May 2013: Added last minute updates to the Pencampwr 2013 website.

15 May 2013: Uploaded Council Minutes - May 2013 and Reeve's Report - May 2013

8 May 2013:
  • Updated the Populace & Precedence page to include all current financial members of Abertridwr, as of the 8th May 2013.
  • Also verified the correct Order of Precedence for all members using the Lochac Canon Lore.
  • Added the Gorsedd Timetable to the Pencampwr website.

3 May 2013: Uploaded The Rhol - May 2013 and Calendar - May 2013

28 April 2013:

25 April 2013: Added Galen Wulfric to the Contacts page as Deputy Seneschal

24 April 2013: Uploaded Council Minutes - April 2013

12 April 2013: Uploaded The Rhol - April 2013 and Calendar - April 2013

19 Mar 2013: Uploaded Council Minutes - March 2013 and Pencampwr Meeting Minutes - March 2013

5 Mar 2013: Uploaded The Rhol - March 2013 and Calendar - March 2013

14 Feb 2013: Uploaded Council Minutes - February 2013

31 Jan 2013: Uploaded The Rhol - February 2013 and Calendar - February 2013

22 Jan 2013: Created a new webpage: Advancement to Barony

20 Jan 2013:
  • Uploaded Council Minutes - January 2013
  • Uploaded 2013 Al Thing (AGM)
  • Updated the Populace & Precedence page to include awards given at Midsummer. Congratulations to:

    • Mistress Liduina de Kasteelen van Valkenburg : Supporting Swans of Aneala
    • Lord Galen Wulfric: Queen's Cypher
    • Lord Hadrian de Listrille: Golden Swans of Aneala
    • M'lady Allesandra of Bastion: Order of the Demi Sun

29 Dec 2012: Created new website for Pencampwr 2013.

29 Dec 2012: Created a new page for the "Information" section: Member Discussions & Polls. Added the current Abertridwr Tshirt discussion to this section.

23 Dec 2012:

20 Dec 2012: Added a mini sitemap to the main page to make it even easier to see what's on our site.

16 Dec 2012:
  • Please note: The Al Thing date has been changed to 12th JANUARY
  • Added a new event to the Calendar: 13th January 2013 Costuming Workshop
  • Added a new event to the Calendar: 16th February 2013 Just Desserts

11 Dec 2012:

09 Dec 2012: At the Council meeting on the 9th December, approval was given for the new site to "go live".

The new site is now uploaded and ready to view!!!!

Please note that this is still a work in progress. There may be some things that have not yet been transferred from the old site. There are certainly still more things that I intend to add to the new website too. Stay tuned for further developemts.

The old site has been archived, but can still be found, in it's entirety, at

  • Added a new event to the Calendar: 6th January 2013 - Baronial Planning Meeting
  • Added a new event to the Calendar: Saturday 9th February - Night Tourney
  • Changed all references to the "Canton of Abertridwr" on this website to now read the "Incipient Barony of Abertridwr".

08 Dec 2012: Created a new page for the Newcomers section: Your First Event

04 Dec 2012:

30 Nov 2012: The initial Abertridwr website re-design is complete. The new site has been uploaded for perusal and comments from of the Seneschal. It is expected that the new site will 'go live' soon after the December Council Meeting. (9th December).

It is intended that the old site will be archived, tho still accessable, for a period of 6 months.

29 Nov 2012: Uploaded The Rhol - December 2012 and Calendar - December 2012

11 Nov 2012: As we approach becoming a Barony, I feel that the time is right for a fresh new look for the Abertridwr website. To that end, I have designed two possible new "looks" for our website and presented them at the November Council Meeting.

At the meeting a design was chosen, and I have now been given permission to proceed with converting the existing site to the new look. This will entail a complete site re-design, rearrangement of existing information, and creation of new information.

When the new site is uploaded it will have all the essential information, but there might still be some material from the old site that has not yet been migrated. It will take some time to complete the process.

30 Oct 2012: Uploaded The Rhol - November 2012 and Calendar - November 2012

15 Oct 2012: Lady Rosamond de Montfort appointed as the new Webminister for Abertridwr. The work undertaken by previous webministers can be found in the following archives:

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Last Update: 19 November 2013

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