The Office of the Seneschal - Kingdom of Lochac

From the Kingdom Seneschal

July 2015

Greetings, welcome to this months From the Seneschal for the Lochac Web Site.

Midwinter saw the the change over to the new Crown. The Mongol Horde have
left Lochac's fair shores for now and we welcome Their Royal Majesties King
Steffan and Queen Branwen. It was lovely to see the change over at Cairn

*Social Media*

A number of people have raised concerns with me recently about the way that
people respond to others or comment about people and events online. It is
extremely easy to be misunderstood online and a comment made in person to a
friend, when made on Facebook (FB) or other social media may be
misunderstood. Please remember when communicating on social media that it
is very easy for people to take your comments the wrong way. Please also
remember that something that is posted on your private FB page may be
screen captured and sent to others or may simply be copy and pasted and
sent to others. If you would not say something to someones face in public
then it is best not to put it up on FB at all, even on your personal FB
page. The draft Social Media Policy for SCA Ltd is here
<>* please read it and
make sure you are familiar with it and please feel free to send comments to
the SCA Ltd. SCANZ has endorsed the SCA Inc. Social Media Policy, it can be
found here *

*The Office of Chirurgeon in Lochac*

As the Office of Chirurgeon no longer exists under SCA Inc. this office
will now come under the Office of the Seneschal of Lochac in Lochac
including both Australia and New Zealand. Both the laws in Australia and
New Zealand are different to those in the US and thus there is no problem
with us continuing to have this office available in Lochac. At the local
level there is no difference in the way that this office will be run. At
the Kingdom Level the only difference is that the Lochac Chirurgeon will
have one less person that they need to report to as there will no longer be
a Society Chirurgeon.

Those who have Chirurgeon regalia may continue to use it.

*Commendations for this month include;*

Clara Bone-Aventure- for her perseverance and organisation within the role
of Lochac Chirurgeon.

William de la Montaigne Coupé- for his help and support and for all of the
roses that so delighted the Ladies of the Rose at the Midwinter Roses

Honoré Corbaut- for again being wonderful when it comes time to organise me
to send in my Pegasus column.

Thomas Bacchus- for his continuing efforts as Kingdom Exchequer, he is
doing a marvellous job.

I have just realised that this month my commendations have been mostly for
the wonderful work that the Kingdom Officers are doing. So instead of
further naming them all I am just going to say that Lochac has a fabulous
bunch of Kingdom Officers. If you see any of the Kingdom Officers please
let them know that they are doing a wonderful job. Please also let your
local officers know that they are also doing a wonderful job as it is not
uncommon for the Officers of a group to get over looked and often they put
in a lot of work so that the SCA can be a fun place.

In service to the Crown and Kingdom

Caristiona nic Beathain

Kingdom Seneschal

Viscountess, Laurel, Pelican, Silver Pegasus, Roman Lillies, AoA

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