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From the Kingdom Seneschal

October 2014

Greetings, welcome to this months From the Seneschal for the Lochac Web Site.

As many of you know there was a recent incident at Spring War. This has
resulted in a focus on padding and armour inspections by the Marshals of
Lochac. Please help the Marshals who are conducting these inspections as
they make our game much safer.

I must commend the people who acted so promptly at the time of the
incident to make sure that the person in question was comfortable and that
all those on the field were able to go back onto the field as fast as
possible. In particular the officers who did their job as Marshal's,
Chirugeon and the Steward of the event all of whom worked extremely hard to
reduce the impact of the incident and to make sure that everything ran
smoothly. I have mentioned some of those who put in a huge effort on that
day below. There were a number of others who may not be mentioned below who
also put in extra effort on the day to make sure that all went as smoothly
as possible.

- Orri Vigleiksson- for his work at Spring War and his continual efforts
to make sure we experience no similar issues.
- Heilwich Gheerts- for her actions at Spring War
- Gilchrist Morgan – Event Constable at Spring War
- Donchad Mac Caerill – Event Marshall at Spring War
- Cenwulf the Smith – Duty Marshal at Spring War
- Jean-Christophe le Saussier – Duty Marshal at Spring War
- Jackson Shield – Duty Marshal at Spring War
- Ludwig von Lichtenstein- Chirurgeon at Spring War
- Patri de Buck- Chirurgeon at Spring War
- Dominika- Chirurgeon at Spring War

Every month I try and point out those who are doing an exceptional job in
a whole variety of area's in Lochac. This month I would like to commend.

- Liduina de Kasteelen van Valkenburg- for her work and dedication as
Seneschal of Abertridwr
- Sandra Watkins- SCA Ltd Treasurer for her work on moving the
Australian Reeves over to the new accounting package which will hopefully
make the Reeves jobs much easier from now on.
- Everard Sefar- Reeve of Krae Glas
- Thomas Baccus- Reeve of Mordenvale
- Margaret of Alt Mohr- Reeve of Okewaite
- Pall i Jorvik- Reeve of Stegby
- Elizabeth Elliot- Deputy Treasurer

In service to the Crown and Kingdom

Caristiona nic Beathain

Kingdom Seneschal

Viscountess, Laurel, Pelican, Silver Pegasus, Roman Lillies, AoA

September 2014

Greetings, welcome to this quarters From the Seneschal for the Lochac Web Site.

 The Kingdom continues to grow with the numbers bouncing around 1530- 1550 for Australia and 161-175 for New Zealand. Current Kingdom numbers as of the 1st of September are 1710 members across both Countries.

 There are some significant changes happening this quarter. Youth activities are coming to the fore with the Youth Card becoming more widely known about and sought after. Lochac has been granted approval to trial Youth Rapier in Rowany run by Lindoret of Bryn Myrddin and Youth Armoured Combat will also be taking off shortly with the first Marshal Gui von Oberhausen promoting this addition to our youth activities. In addition to that SCA Ltd is introducing a new accountancy package that should make Reeve reports significantly easier. SCANZ is looking at how the implementation of this roles out across Australian Reeves and may also introduce the accounting package if it will work well across the two countries with their different mundane tax and reporting needs. 

Whilst there have been a number of issues in Lochac many of them are around a lack of understanding rather than due to any particularly nasty events. This makes it more and more important that Lochac finds a way to train new officers particularly for our more regional groups. Many of our groups are more than 3-4 hours drive away from their closest group and some of our Baronies are over 8 hours away from each other, included in this is our Barony from Aneala (Perth in Western Australia) which is the worlds most remote Capital City and is more than 5 hours flight away from the vast majority of the rest of the Kingdom of Lochac. As a way of managing this Lochac is looking at running a series of Lochac Training days in some of the less central Baronies and encouraging officers from remote groups that report to those Baronies to attend. A new Kingdom Senechals Deputy has been appointed to manage the training.

 Lochac has had the first occasion where a Crown Prince and Princess have been unable to step up for personal reasons. In the end it was decided that only those who had fought in the previous Crown Tournament were to be eligible to enter the re-fight for the Crown Tournament. Count Niáll inn Orkneyski and Countess Liadan ingen Fheradaig now Reign as the King and Queen of Lochac after Count Niáll won the refought Crown Tourney and stepped up that day.

 There are a large number of people that have put in significant effort for their groups and for Lochac. These people are mentioned in the Commendations section and it it wonderful to see how much that section has grown this quarter as individuals contribute so much. 

In service to the Crown and Kingdom

Caristiona nic Beathain

Kingdom Seneschal

Viscountess, Laurel, Pelican, Silver Pegasus, Roman Lillies, AoA


General Summary of Positive Occurrences, Projects, and Items of Note


Law Changes:

No changes were made this quarter. The current Laws of Lochac and past changes can be found at


New Seneschals:

Anne de Tournais- Seneschal of Politarchopolis

Tatianitska Iaroslavna- Seneschal of Rowany

Thomasina Coke- Seneschal of Bordescros

Catigern Goch- Seneschal of Dismal Fogs

William RedFox- Seneschal of Okewaite

Bran na torcdubh mac Brude- Seneschal of St Florians

Sihtric Silfrör- Seneschal of Stowe on the Wold


New Kingdom Officers:

Niáll inn Orkneyski- Kingdom Earl Marshal

Orri Vígleiksson- Acting Kingdom Earl Marshal

Josseline de la Cour- Kingdom Hospitaler

Dimitrii Borodinskii- Kingdom Webwright

Good Things:

1.    Youth Rapier is well on the way to being a reality in the Kingdom of Lochac after a Pilot Program to be run in Rowany has been approved and is to be implemented over the next quarter.

2.    There have been a number of new Kingdom Officers come on board over the last quarter. They seem to be breathing new light into the Kingdom and there is an outlook of enthusiasm that seems to be pervading the whole Kingdom.

3.    The unexpected resignation of our Crown Prince and Princess has seen an extremely positive reaction from members of the Kingdom as they have moved to help those affected and support the new King and Queen in their unexpected ascension to the throne.



The Kingdom continues to grow with the numbers bouncing around 1530- 1550 for Australia and 161-175 for New Zealand. Current Kingdom numbers as of the 1st of September are 1710 members across both Countries.

Fun Stats for the Quarter:

23% of Lochac members across both Australia and New Zealand are authorised Heavy Combatants.

11.8% of Lochac members are authorised Rapier Combatants.

11.2% of Lochac members are authorised Light Combatants.

8.3% of Lochac members are authorised Non-Contact Combatants

So far only 8 minors, all in Australia are authorised Combatants. This is a total of 0.47% of members.

Completed Projects:

1.    Lochac's first Curia Regis with the re-fight of the last Crown Tournament and the Investiture of the current King and Queen of Lochac.

2.    Introducing a pilot program for Youth Rapier

3.    Selecting a Deputy in Charge of Training


Ongoing Projects:

1.    Setting up the authorisation processes for Youth Combat and Rapier

2.    Figuring out what projects to hand over to my Deputies.

3.    Lochac Officer Training Symposium (LOTS)- smaller more regional based training compared with the first LOTS from 2010


Potential Projects:

1.    Re-write of the New Group Guide to explain what a group is not and how a group can be publicised.

2.    Section in the New Group Guide explaining how a group can go from Shire to Canton

3.    Section in the New Group Guide to explain the difference between a group and a Household, this is still causing problems for many of our regional members.



Special mention of Anton de Stoc for the work he has done for groups around Lochac with the Rowany Leather deal.

Domhnall na Moicheirghe- for his work with submitters, teasing out what they want.

Ysabel Norrice, for her excellent first aid skills and professional manner

Freya for the serious amount of work and tidying she has managed as Darton Reeve

Mistress Tig, Mistress Monique, Lord Gabriel and Lady Maedb for their work on Midwinter wall hangings - huge efforts, guided by Baron Crispin and Lord Gabriel in Crispin's absence.


Good Ideas and things to try:

Ynys Fawr's plot at the Botanic Gardens

Weave your own Napkin Collegia with the looms pre-warped so that attendees get to weave and take home their own napkin

Join the Largess Swap FB page

Run a leather working day for your group. Many groups in Lochac seem to have large amounts of Leather around for some strange reason at the moment. It may be time to put that huge quantity of leather to use.

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